Episode 126 Doctor Who S09E01 The Magician’s Apprentice

Doctor Who returns for Series 9 with a dark tale that finds Capaldi's doctor facing the consequences of a fateful decision he made many years in the past. The Doctor, Missy, and Clara all end up on Skaro as Davros forces The Doctor to reconsider the decision to leave a child to fend for himself in the middle of a battlefield.


Episode 125 Firefly S01E13 Heart of Gold

Serenity's crew ventures to a distant moon to aid an old friend of Inara's who's now running her own brothel outside the arm of the Alliance. But things don't go smoothly for Nandi and her girls. However, the relationship, such as it is, between Mal and Inara comes to a head as she announces her intention to leave Serenity.


Episode 124 Firefly S01E12 The Message

Malcolm and Zoe reunite with a wartime buddy, but the circumstances change as it turns out he's simply trying use their friendship to get away with a scam that will allow him to return to his home. Though they've faced death and danger innumerable times, Tracey's death hits the crew hard as they contemplate the fragile nature of the life they've chosen.


Episode 123 Firefly S01E11 Trash

Mal and the crew cross paths with Saffron again, and against his better judgement Mal allows her to stowaway on Serenity because she may have a job for them. Stealing a valuable laser pistol from one of her former husbands, proves her undoing as Mal and Inara are a step ahead of her the entire way. Hugo Award controversy.


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