Episode 113 Firefly S01E04 Shindig

Serenity's crew reunites with Badger who now needs Captain Malcolm Reynolds and the respect he affords so that he can work a deal to move cattle off planet. Crossing paths at a fancy Southern inspired ball, Malcolm and Inara continue to battle, though in the end, they both come to the other's aid. And finally, we get to see the feminine side of Kaylee as she accompanies Mal to the ball, which, not surprisingly, produces a duel to the death involving the captain and Inara's client.


Take Five #18 Student Podcast: Sherlock S02E02

As most of you know, Wayne and I are high school English teachers, and for the past few years, my students have recorded podcasts as part of the Imaginary Worlds unit. Three 15 year old young women, Ruby, Kiana, and Robyn discuss BBC America’s Sherlock in their first ever podcast using little more than their laptops and Skype. So sit back and enjoy; who knows, we may all be subscribing to their shows in a few short years.


Killjoys creator Michelle Lovretta speaks

Lost Girl creator Michelle Lovretta leaves the world of light and dark fae to enter outer space in her latest endeavor Killjoys. Following the exploits of three bounty hunters in a corporate controlled world, Killjoys completes SyFy's Friday night science fiction schedule along with Defiance and Dark Matter.

In this interview Lovretta discusses her creative approach as well as some of the new scifi show's nuances. Also, you can check out the first four minutes of Killjoys, but don't say I didn't warn you. You'll be back.

Episode 112 Dark Angel S02E03 Proof of Purchase

Max and Logan continue to seek a cure for the virus that's keeping them apart, while Alec barters for his freedom by becoming a bounty hunter for the man that's trying to erase the fact that Manticore ever existed. How long can the writers carry on this contrived separation? Taltos provided this information concerning the Chinese language employed in Firefly.


Episode 111 Firefly S01E03 Bushwhacked

Serenity's crew encounters an abandoned ship adrift in space and Captain Reynolds quickly recognizes Reaver handiwork. They piece together the series of events that led to this outcome, but before they have a chance enjoy their spoils, an Alliance ship rolls up and boards the ship. In the end, River and Simon escape the Alliance clutches, this time.


Episode 110 Dark Angel S02E02 Bag ‘Em

As the Manticore soldiers, kids and nomalies scatter after the fire, a military force begins rounding them up for termination. Logan takes a back seat in this episode as Alec returns to help Max and the five Manticore refugees escape death and eventually run to a new and hopefully better life in Canada.


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