Episode 456 Fringe S01E17 Bad Dreams

April 15, 2022

Join Dave and Wayne for genre television show news, a glimpse into what the hosts are currently watching, commentary and analysis of Fringe, and our listener feedback. 

This week on the SciFi TV Rewatch podcast we discuss the focus on the cortexiphan trials in Jacksonville, FL and the connection formed between Nick and Olivia. However, it’s Walter’s reveal at the end of the episode that stands to push the team together or drive a wedge between them. 

In our What We're Watching segment, Dave finishes and recommends the Disney+ genre series Parallels, and also gives two thumbs up to the Netflix film Metal Lords. Wayne admits he doesn’t understand the hate directed at the Total Recall remake.

In Listener Feedback, Fred from the Netherlands notices Peter’s increasing reality checks, and Bert from the Netherlands suggests checking out the new Apple TV + series Severance.

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Episode Grade: A