Episode 411 The Nevers S01E04 Undertaking

June 4, 2021

Join Dave and Wayne for genre television show news, a glimpse into what the hosts are currently watching, commentary and analysis of the HBOMax series The Nevers, and our listener feedback. 

This week on the SciFi TV Rewatch podcast we discuss the latest reveal that Amalia may, in fact, be from another timeline, and the body she inhabits may not be her own. However, it’s Myrtle’s deciphering the message hidden in Mary’s son that has the most emotional impact as Amalia learns that she’s not as alone as she fears. Though all signs point to Lord Massen as the man behind Mary’s murder, it’s still not clear if someone’s influencing him. 

In our What We're Watching segment, Dave started watching Da Vinci’s Demons on Starz, and Wayne goes back even further in time with Sky Studio’s Britannia now streaming on Amazon.

In Listener Feedback, we hear from Fred from the Netherlands and Maureen via email.

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Episode Grade: A