Episode 307 Dark S02E01 Beginnings and Endings

The German Netflix production Dark returns for a second season with glimpses of 1921 and the early days of the Winden caves and its time portals. Teenaged Jonas navigates life in 2053 with a band of holocaust survivors, and his adult self returns to his childhood home for a confrontation with his mother. We still don't learn what happened to Winden, but it's clear that Adam, Noah, both Jonas's, and elder Claudia have their own agendas which may or may not operate at cross purposes.

Episode Grade: A



Episode 306 The Magicians S01E13 Have You Brought Me Little Cakes?

In the season one finale, Eliot becomes Fillory's High King and crowns Quentin, Alice, and Margo, but Team Brakebills must still find a way to kill The Beast whose identity has finally been revealed. Though Julia temporarily joins the quest to stop Martin Chatwin, the revelation about her encounter with Reynard the Fox sends the story in a new direction. 

Episode Grade: A


Episode 305 The Magicians S01E12 Thirty-Nine Graves

Our Lady Underground meets Julia and Team Beowulf while the Brakebills Five heads to Neitherlands and an eventual trip to Fillory. Quentin gets left behind, re-establishes his relationship with Julia, and the two employ time travel to follow Jane Chatwin to Fillory.

Episode Grade: A-


Episode 304 The Magicians S01E11 Remedial Battle Magic

As the showdown with The Beast draws closer, Team Brakebills hones their battle magic skills with help from some unlikely places. Kady and Julia continue to work together with Richard's group, but Julia's religious experience may change her approach.

Episode Grade: Dave A-  Wayne B+


Bonus Episode 04 Fred from the Netherlands Top 10 List

Patron and frequent feedback contributor Fred from the Netherlands submitted a list of ten films and television series, and we take a look and comment on each. There were some surprises, most notably the 2008 film Doomsday, and in the end, there is something for everybody.


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