Episode 303 The Magicians S01E10 Homecoming

When Penny travels to Neitherland and is unable to find his way back, he "inceptions" Quentin, who enlists Alice's help to show him the way home. Kady and Julia cross paths once again, and this time work together on a time magic project meant to give Richard the opportunity to rewrite part of his tragic history. 

Episode Grade: Dave A  Wayne A-


Episode 302 The Magicians S01E09 The Writing Room

Quentin learns a shocking truth about Christopher Plover and his connection to The Beast. Julia comes face to face with the consequences of her magical actions and takes another step in her education.

Episode Grade: A-


Episode 301 The Magicians S01E07-08 The Mayakovsky Circumstance/The Strangled Heart

Quentin, Alice, Penny, and Kady travel to Brakebills South to study with Professor Mayakovsky whose unusual teaching methods draws the best out of his students. However, Kady receives the news of her mother's death and leaves Penny behind. Meanwhile, Eliot begins a relationship with a Brakebill's graduate, but the arrival of The Beast puts Brakebills on high alert.

Episode grades: 107 Dave A- Wayne A    108 A-



Episode 300 The Magicians S01E06 Impractical Magic

Margo and Eliot host The Trials for the first year students, but more than just magic is at stake. Though Julia and Kady learn they have a common connection, Marina again enters the picture with disastrous effects. 

Episode Grade: A-


Episode 299 The Magicians S01E05 Mendings, Major and Minor

Julia continues to spiral out of control, and Quentin finally has a chance to re-establish a connection with his father who suffers from brain cancer. Penny travels to a dimension that appears to be Fillory and comes face to face with The Beast.

Episode Grade: B+



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