Episode 294 Hemlock Grove S01E02 The Angel

As part of our attempt to give back to our Patreon supporters, Fred from the Netherlands joins us for a discussion of Hemlock Grove's second episode from its first season, "The Angel." Roman and Peter's friendship continues to develop as the gypsy reveals his darkest secret while Brooke Bluebells's killer remains a mystery. Letha claims an angel impregnated her, but Olivia has other things on her mind.


Episode 293 Dark Season 2 Trailer/Script Preview

As we wait for the announcement of Dark's season two return date, the leaked script page and trailer, that may or may not be official, will have to keep us occupied for now. 


Episode 292 The Haunting of Hill House S01E10 Silence Lay Steadily

In the season finale, Steven finally learns the truth about the events the night his mother died, but the Crain family must deal with yet another loss. While the ending can certainly be considered upbeat, perhaps even happy, the mysteries surrounding Hill House remain leaving open the possibility the narrative could be revisited. It just won't happen next year.

Episode Grade: Dave A-  Wayne B+

Series Grade: A-


Episode 291 The Haunting of Hill House S01E09 Screaming Meemies

The truth about the Red Room's purpose begins to unfold, but it's Olivia's act at the surprise tea party that reveals the depths to which she's fallen. How much influence does Poppy Hill exert over Olivia and her final act? And what is the reality about Luke's friend Abigail? Pick of the Week - Dave: DC Universe's Doom Patrol - Wayne: The Umbrella Academy

Episode Grade: Dave A  Wayne A-


Episode 290 The Haunting of Hill House S01E08 Witness Marks

Shirley and Steven come face to face with the realization that the family's mental issues stem from their brief tenure at Hill House despite their best efforts to ignore its impact. Parallel car rides reveal hidden secrets, and supernatural events continue to plague and confound the Crain children. Tip of the Week: Dave - Download the Henry James novella The Turn of the Screw and Wayne - the podcast Mobituaries w/Mo Rocca.

Episode Grade: A-


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