Episode 289 Travelers S03E10 Protocol Omega

In the season and series finale, MacLaren's team must deal not only with David's death, but the continued and escalated danger 001 now poses as he jumps bodies en route to his final destination. Having abandoned this timeline designated Ver 1, the Director's abdication gives the team a chance to plot their individual moves. But it's MacLaren's jump to the past that sets into motion a new timeline and another chance for the Director to save the human race from extinction.

Episode Grade: A


Episode 288 Travelers S03E09 David

The Faction sets off nuclear blasts in Shanghai and Moscow, but with the help of Trevor and the team, David disarms the one planted inside the archive in which he’s trapped. Unfortunately, he receives a lethal dose of radiation, and the waiting game begins. Kathryn tells Grant their marriage is over, and it appears that 001 might still be in play. Tip of the Week - Wayne: Russian Doll & Bird Box -  Dave: 2036 Origin Unknown.

Episode Grade: A


Episode 287 Travelers S03E08 Archive

Christopher Heyerdahl guest stars as a serial killer turned traveler sent by the Director to prevent a civilization ending event by convinces physicists that their pioneering work will lead to disaster. Dawn and the Faction capture an archivist in their pursuit of a secret archive that provides the Director with periodic updates. Dave's Tip of the Week is the Netflix series Sex Education starring Gillian Anderson and Asa Butterfield while Wayne checks in with another Netflix series The Bodyguard.

Episode Grade: A


Episode 286 Travelers S03E07 Trevor

The team defies the Director when it finds and executes a temporary cure for Trevor's aphasia which has essentially rendered him useless on missions. Kathryn puts Grant to the ultimate test, and he fails miserably. In this episode's Tip of the Week, Wayne sings the praises of The Punisher Season 2, and Dave offers up The Discovery of Witches.

Episode Grade: B+


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