Episode 285 Travelers S03E06 Philip

The Faction makes a play to capture historians after the most recent update, and though Dawn professes to want the same thing as the Director's traveler teams, her methods are questionable at best. Trevor constructs a Black Box that enables the team to "see" Hall's last moments and details that lead them to the kidnapped historians. Dave's Tip of the Week is the French series Transfers (Transferts), and Wayne returns to the series finale of The Almighty Johnsons.

Episode Grade: A-


Episode 284 Travelers S03E05 Naomi

When a young messenger becomes corrupted after preventing an accident at a nuclear power plant, Grace and the team are brought in to fix the problem. However, once they discover the Director has sent an AI with an emerging consciousness through the messenger, the final solution raises other concerns.

Episode Grade: B+


Episode 283 Travelers S03E04 Perrow

Another group of Faction members kidnap 001, but there's an ironic twist to this abduction as they tell the reluctant traveler that he's to be the leader of the rebellion against the Director. Mac's team receives an order from the Director to give Ilsa Internet access, and the secondaries continue to question the changes they each see in their significant others.

Episode Grade: A-


Bonus Episode 02 Doctor Who New Year’s Day Special 2019

In lieu of the traditional Christmas Day special, Chris Chibnall and the BBC treat fans to a New Year's Day special titled "Resolution." In arguably the strongest Series 11 episode, The Doctor and Fam face off against the Daleks in a story that begins in the 9th century and later features the return of Ryan's father. Since Doctor Who is not expected to return until early 2020, this appears to be the only offering we'll receive in 2019.

Episode Grade: A-


Episode 282 Travelers S03E03 Protocol 3

The Director orders Philip to kill Aleksander, but when he's unable to carry out the mission, MacLaren steps in with devastating effects. Baby Jeff enters the foster system, and Carly must now re-evaluate her connection.

Episode Grade: B-


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