Episode 281 Travelers S03E02 Yates

While the Secondaries meet to discuss the kidnapping and the feelings that something's not quite right, MacLaren must accept the fact that the real FBI will be looking over his shoulder. After the latest Historian update, Philip begins seeing alternate timelines, and the public at large sees travelers in the same arena as aliens. We also bring back the Spoiler Zone for those who have binged the entire season.

Episode Grade: B+


Episode 280 Travelers S03E01 Ilsa

Travelers returns, but this time on Netflix with a ten episode season that dropped all at once. As Mac's team debriefs the "secondaries," we learn that the Director has finally revealed itself to the authorities in the guise of the FBI. FBI Director Stevens and Agent Yates join the narrative, and a new traveler overwrites Simon's host.

Episode Grade: A-



Bonus Episode 01 Doctor Who Series 11

In the first bonus episode, Dave and Wayne discuss the just concluded Series 11 of Doctor Who starring the new Doctor Jodie Whittaker. We agree that all three companions are highly likable and performed admirably, but none were really developed by new showrunner Chris Chibnall. Wayne doesn't like fewer episodes and the elimination of the Christmas episode, while Dave finds some of the stories boring.

Series/Season Grade: B-


Episode 279 The Haunting of Hill House S01E07 Eulogy

Hugh discovers a long dead body inside the basement's brick wall while searching for the source of the water damage. Mr. Dudley explains to Hugh why he and his wife refuse to stay at Hill House after dark, and Olivia experiences terrible nightmares.

Episode Grade: B+


Episode 278 The Haunting of Hill House S01E06 Two Storms

The Crain family gathers for Nellie's funeral, but pent up feelings bubble to the surface as the children challenge their father about their mother's death. Unexplained events continue to occur, and the case for supernatural rather than psychological explanations gathers steam. And Kevin has some 'splainin to do.

Episode Grade: Dave A-  Wayne A



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