Episode 277 The Haunting of Hill House S01E05 The Bent-Neck Lady

Nell's history with The Bent-Neck Lady is explored, and the reality of this specter's importance is finally revealed. Adult Nell's happiness is short lived after we witness her courtship and marriage to Arthur, but it is her final return to Hill House that leads to the series' most heartbreaking moment.

Episode Grade: A-


Episode 276 The Haunting of Hill House S01E04 The Twin Thing

The episode's title does not belie the fact that this is a Luke centric episode that focuses primarily on his adult struggles with addiction and his fractured relationship with older brother Steven. Through his youthful eyes we observe the genesis of the "Floating Man" after he appears one night as young Luke sleeps. Later this image transforms itself into a haunting vision of his dead mother Olivia.

Episode Grade: Dave B  Wayne B+



Episode 275 The Haunting of Hill House S01E03 Touch

Using the "blood money" from Steven's book royalties, Theo earns her PhD and now helps young children overcome any number of traumas. As children in Hill House, the twins find a hidden sub-basement that doesn't appear on any plans, and Theo finds evidence that the house once provided a safe haven for bootleggers to conduct their business. Olivia begins exhibiting behaviors that indicate all may not be well with the Crain family matriarch.

Episode Grade: A


Episode 274 The Haunting of Hill House S01E02 Open Casket

The focus shifts to Shirley's experiences as a child and the impact the death of her kittens has on her ability to cope with death. After she finds five seemingly abandoned kittens in an out building, her attempts at replacing their mother fail through no fault of hers. However, it's her mother's handling of the situation that raises a number of red flags. Are there supernatural forces at work in the house, or is there plausible explanation for the banging pipes and the dogs the Mr. Dudley denies exist on the grounds?

Episode Grade: B+


Episode 273 The Haunting of Hill House S01E01 Steven Sees a Ghost

Moving out of our science fiction and fantasy comfort zone, we take a look at the Netflix horror series The Haunting of Hill House. In this pilot episode we meet the five Crain children as the story alternates between their present lives as adults and the horrifying experiences they weathered as children at Hill House. Something to do with their mother causes their father to usher them out of the house in the middle of the night, but it's the dark figures the family's youngest, the twins Luke and Nell, see that continue to haunt them into adulthood.

Episode Grade: Dave B+  Wayne A-


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