Episode 272 Primeval S01E05-06

Primeval pays homage to the great director Alfred Hitchcock as a flock of prehistoric aerial predators plague the town prompting Nick and Claudia to work together more closely than ever before. Surprisingly, Helen comes to Claudia's aid, but it's the season finale that drops the biggest bombshell when we realize that not only are there portals that lead to the future, but one of the members of the team has been erased from the current timeline.

Episode Grade: Dave 105 B  106 A – Wayne 105 A  106 A


Episode 271 Primeval S01E03-04

Against her will, Lester's men bring Helen Cutter back from the past to explain what she's been doing and why she chose not to return. Though she manages to escape custody and return to her chosen time, it's the fate of Connor's friends that reminds viewers and team members of the dangers they face on a daily basis. Some further discussion about the direction of Doctor Who and the many changes wrought by showrunner Chris Chibnall.

Episode Grade: Dave 103 B-  104 B  Wayne 103 B  104 B+


Episode 270 Primeval S01E01-02

A tear in the fabric of the space/time continuum allows creatures from Earth's distant past to find their way into the present. A scientific team led by Professor Nick Cutter and assisted by reptile expert Abby Maitland, tracker Stephen Hart, Home Office representative Claudia Brown, and graduate student Connor Temple investigate these dinosaurs and try to prevent them from wreaking havoc on unsuspecting individuals. However, the most intriguing element centers on the fact that the anomaly allows individuals to travel back to Earth's past. We also give our thoughts on the new Doctor Who featuring Jodie Whitakker.

Episode Grade: 101-102 B



Episode 269 Star Trek Continues E01 Pilgrim of Eternity

An 11 episode fan produced web series completes the five year mission of the Starship Enterprise under the command of James T. Kirk and adheres as closely as possible to the details of the original series. In a call back to S02E02 "Who Mourns For Adonais?" the crew is faced with a rapidly aged Apollo who claims he no longer craves human adulation.

Episode Grade: B


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