Take Five #26 Outcast S02E01 Bad Penny

Dave takes a look at the long awaited second season of the Cinemax horror series Outcast. Not unlike Dark, the Robert Kirkman based series features an ominous and mysterious evil presence, perhaps even the Devil. Outcast returned to US audiences in July after airing internationally in 2017.


Episode 268 Dark S01E10 Alpha and Omega - (Part 2)

We return to complete the discussion of the season finale of the German Netflix series Dark. Perhaps the most intriguing questions center around the identity of Future Girl and her compatriots, and whether or not Noah and Bartosz are one and the same. Krista and Fred bring up some great points in Listener Feedback, and now the urge to resist season two spoilers is being challenged.

Episode Grade: A+


Episode 267 Dark S01E10 Alpha and Omega - (Part 1)

Charlotte begins putting the pieces of the puzzle together, and a 1953 newspaper photograph forces her to accept that something remarkable is taking place in Winden. Noah's influence becomes clearer, but his true identity remains a mystery. 1953 Helge and 2019 Jonas cross paths in 1986, and the season's final scene opens a window to yet another time. Or does it?

Episode Grade: A+


Episode 266 Dark S01E09 Everything is Now

Though much still remains unexplained, the pieces to the time travel puzzle in Winden begin falling into place. A young Alexander defends his future wife as she's terrorized by Ulrich and Katharina, but leaves himself open to Hannah's extortion thirty three years later. Though there are a number of bombshells dropped in the episode, none resonate more than the appearance of an older Claudia. 

Episode Grade: A


Episode 265 Dark S01E08 As Ye Sow, So You Shall Reap

2019 Ulrich finds himself in 1953, and after meeting his father and grandmother on their way into Winden, he later tracks down a young Helge intending to prevent Mikkel's disappearance. The Stranger and 1986 Tannhaus discuss time travel and its inherent issues, but fundamentally, The Stranger wants to know whether or not the past can be altered. 

Episode Grade: A


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