Episode 264 Dark S01E07 Crossroads

After meeting with The Stranger in 1986, Jonas decides against attempting to return Mikkel to 2019. Helge's involvement with Noah and the missing children becomes clearer, and Ulrich reopens the investigation into Mads' 1986 disappearance. Dave recommends the 2004 time travel film Primer while Wayne offers up another historical podcast.

Episode Grade: A


Episode 263 Dark S01E06 Sic Mundus Creatus Est

While the Nielsen family struggles to cope with Mikkel's disappearance, Ulrich's dogged search for the truth reveals a stunning result. Armed with the map left by his father and items sent to him by The Stranger, Jonas enters the cave and finds himself in 1986 coming face to face with his mother as a teenager. As the mysteries continue to unfold, Tronte and Peter are clearly up to something related to the cave and its time portals.

Episode Grade: A


Episode 262 Dark S01E05 Truths

The Stranger reveals some truths to Jonas who must now decide how to proceed with this new knowledge and his father's map of the caves. Uncomfortable connections are also brought to light as Mikkel begins his new life in 1986. And while we've routinely questioned the Ulrich/Hannah relationship, learning the genesis of her obsession with him sheds light on her 2019 persona.

Episode Grade: A


Episode 261 Dark S01E04 Double Lives

The Winden family mysteries continue to ramp up, but it's the introduction of Noah that alters the central focus. Is this the man to whom Helge refers when he says "he must stop," and does Noah have anything to do with the missing boys? And what is it that has Peter Doppler so spooked? Nevertheless, while couples all around them seem to be having their relationship troubles, Magnus and Franziska take theirs to a new level.

Episode Grade: A


Episode 260 Dark S01E03 Past and Present

Mikkel finds himself in 1986, and after meeting his grandmother and parents in their younger forms, he's finally taken in by kindly nurse Ines Kahnwald. In an episode that further establishes the interrelationships that exist in the small town of Winden, the nuclear power plant looms in the background causing us to question whether it is responsible for the deaths of the cows and birds. Dark Netflix 

Episode Grade: A


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