Episode 251 Dollhouse S02E09 Stop-Loss

Echo and Boyd begin to put into motion the plan to free the Dollhouse's actives, and as Adele DeWitt spirals out of control, their plan appears to be relatively foolproof. However, after Anthony/Victor is released at the end of his five year commitment, things do not go according to plan, and Echo, Victor, and Sierra end up paying a stiff price for their actions.

Episode Grade: A-



Episode 250 Dollhouse S02E08 A Love Surpreme

Alpha returns to the Dollhouse to learn why Echo loves Paul Ballard even though she hasn't been programmed to feel that emotion. It takes Topher's remote wipe device to bring order to the chaos that Alpha sets into motion, but Ballard is left on life support as DeWitt and Boyd assess the situation and formulate a plan to take down Alpha.

Episode Grade: Dave A  Wayne A-


Episode 249 Dollhouse S02E07 Meet Jane Doe

Working undercover with Paul Ballard and away from the Dollhouse, Echo learns to harness the power and skillsets of each of her previous imprints. Harding has taken over the Los Angeles house supplanting Adele DeWitt, but Topher's progress with his tech that will facilitate remote wipes sets the stage for the inevitable fall.

Episode Grade: A-


Episode 248 Dollhouse S02E06 The Left Hand

In the conclusion of a two part episode, Topher 1.0 finds himself at odds with the Washington D.C. programmer Bennett Halverson, who despite the attraction each has for the other, presents perhaps the most formidable foe the LA house has faced in quite some time. On the run with Senator Perrin, Echo manages to stay one step ahead of Rossum, but in the end, the corporation wins, and Perrin takes the next step toward running for president.

Episode Grade: Dave A  Wayne A-


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