Episode 247 Lost in Space S01E01 Impact

After the Resolute is attacked, the Robinson family and other colonist groups are forced to begin the journey to Alpha Centauri sooner than expected. After a collision with an alien craft, the Robinsons crash land on an unknown world and face a series of perils, not the least of which is dealing with the fact that thier vessel, Jupiter 2 is trapped under the ice. A great start to a retelling of the classic series that ran between 1965-1968.

Episode Grade: Dave A-  Wayne A


Episode 246 Dollhouse S02E05 The Public Eye

Adele Dewitt and the Los Angeles Dollhouse come under attack from the home office, and it appears the house will be offered up as a sacrifice to an inquiring public. However, the episode's big reveal comes in the form of government infiltration through the imprinting of a United States senator. And, of course, Summer Glau joins the cast as Bennett, the seeming equivalent at the Washington D.C. house.

Episode grade: Dave A-  Wayne B+


Episode 245 Dollhouse S02E04 Belonging

"Belonging" explores the tragic events that lead to Sierra's stay at the Dollhouse. Deliberately rendered paranoid schizophrenic by a Dollhouse doctor, Priya, now known as Sierra, becomes the doctor's plaything, bringing out the worst in the Rossum Corporation's pet project. In fact, Topher and Dewitt's struggles with the moral mess in which they find themselves strikes at the episode's thematic center. 

Episode Grade: A+


Episode 244 Dollhouse S02E03 Belle Chose

A Dollhouse shareholder (Michael Hogan/BSG) seeks Adele Dewitt's help in controlling his sociopathic nephew who's been kidnapping women in an attempt to revise his family history. Along the way, Echo and Victor's imprints get switched forcing Topher to attempt a remote wipe, something that to this point only Alpha has been able to achieve.

Episode Grade: B+


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