Episode 243 The Librarians S04E12 And the Echoes of Memory

In the season four and perhaps series finale, the Librarians find themselves in an alternate universe in which memories of the Library have begun to fade away. The truth about Flynn's absence and Nicole's intentions become clear, and in the end, the Libarians rewrite Nicole's history. Flynn and Eve finally tether themselves to the Library and each other, and the world is once again safe.

Episode Grade: A+


Episode 242 The Librarians S04E11 And the Trial of the One

Since the team has still not chosen a Librarian to tether with Eve, the Library takes matters into its own hands and pits the three against each other in a Hunger Games like battle to the death. Or, has this simply been an intricately concocted plan by Nicole Noone to exact revenge for Flynn's having abandoned her? Regardless, it's the death of Jenkins that hits the hardest in the season's penultimate episode.

Episode Grade: Dave B+  Wayne B


Episode 241 The Librarians S04E10 And Some Dude Named Jeff

A young man obsessed with the Library obtains an ancient text that enable him to switch bodies with the man he idolizes, Jenkins. It doesn't take long for the Librarians to figure out what's going on, but it's Jeff's Dungeons and Dragons friends that assist Jenkins in returning to the Library and eliminating the evil threat unleashed by some dude named Jeff.

Episode Grade: A


Episode 240 The Librarians S04E09 And a Town Called Feud

Cassandra and Jenkins stay behind at the Library to research the solo vs multi-librarian concept while Eve and the team check out ghost sightings at a town steeped in Civil War lore. However, the in-fighting taking place among the three young Librarians neatly counterpoints the uncomfortable truth that brothers and sisters often fought on opposite sides in the war between the states. Dave's tip of the week is the Verizon Go90 series Miss 2059.

Episode Grade: Dave B  Wayne B-


Episode 239 The Librarians S04E08 And the Hidden Sanctuary

Cassandra takes a sabbatical from the Library to address her fears and examine whether or not she wants to remain a Librarian. Along with a young man from "the safest town in America," Cassandra confronts the fairy who's been protecting the town for the past 27 years. In the end, she learns that life is not without risks, and the town must now transition to a new level of normalcy.

Episode Grade: A


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