Episode 238 The Librarians S04E07 And the Disenchanted Forest

Eve takes Cassandra, Ezekiel, and Jacob to a team building camp to investigate and participate when the Clipping Book sends them to find out why campers are going missing. DOSA returns and Jake develops a crush, while Cassie torments Jones with a series of pranks. In the end, each learns about his/her commitment to The Library, and Eve comes to terms with Flynn's resignation.

Episode Grade: Dave A-  Wayne B+


Episode 237 The Librarians S04E06 And the Graves of Time

Dave and Wayne discuss the ending of the Netflix cyberpunk series Altered Carbon, and Fred from the Netherlands checks in with feedback from season one of The Librarians. Nicole Noone (Rachel Nichols) returns to collect hidden artifacts, but when it turns out that the Romanov dynasty's svengali Rasputin (Christopher Heyerdahl) wants them for himself, Eve and Nicole work together to bring down the evil immortal. In the end, the characters must reevaluate their committments to the Library and decide whether or not they wish to continue this relationship.

Episode Grade: A


Episode 236 The Librarians S04E05 And the Bleeding Crown

Flynn comes face to face with his 19th century hero Librarian Darrington Dare as the two fight to stop Ambrose Gethic from wreaking havoc in the 21st. After an entire town wakes up to find itself significantly aged, the Librarians swoop in to figure out whether or not magic plays a role.

Episode Grade: Dave A-  Wayne C+


Episode 235 The Librarians S04E04 And the Silver Screen

Hoping for a night away from the Library, Eve and Flynn take in a movie, but their date ends up taking an unexpected turn. They find themselves as characters in one of Eve's favorite film noir classics, and when Cassandra, Ezekiel, and Jake come to the rescue, the young ones find themselves trapped as well.

Episode Grade: A-


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