Episode 234 The Librarians S04E03 And the Christmas Thief

With Flynn, Eve, and Jenkins away enjoying a tropical vacation with Santa, the young Librarians watch over Santa's sleigh, and as usual, things don't turn out as planned. Ezekiel uses the Magic Door to visit his mother and sisters, but his mom takes time out from celebrating Thankstaking Day to do a little taking on the side. Unfortunately, she steals a painting from the Bank of Thieves, and the team unites to return it to its "rightful" place. Along the way, Jenkins comes to the rescue, and not only does he save the young Librarians but Santa's sleigh as well.

Episode Grade: A


The Librarians: Christian Kane Interview

I sat down with Christian Kane aka Jacob Stone for a conversation that covered a look at the season ahead, his love of action sequences, and his respect for former NFL quarterback Bret Favre.


Episode 233 The Librarians S04E02 And the Steal of Fortune

When a Roman goddess escapes her confinement, the Librarians are called in to find out who's been stealing luck. In an episode that examines the individual commitment each Librarian must make to the job, a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment helps Cassandra, Jake, and Ezekiel make peace with the lives they've chosen.

Episode Grade: B


Episode 232 The Librarians S04E01 And the Dark Secret

The Librarians calls back to the first film in the trilogy by reintroducing Nicole Noone, Flynn's first guardian. Having been sent 500 years in the past, Nicole puts her anger aside and helps the team recover the cornerstones from the first library. Rachel Nichols stars as Nicole, and John Noble appears as Monsignor Vega. Dave and Wayne answer another Travelers question and touch on the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

Episode Grade: B+


Episode 231 Travelers Season 2 Listener Feedback

Dave and Wayne comment on listener feedback for the last few episodes of season two of Travelers. Will the loved ones of the travelers forgive the lies they've been told, and will the travelers program remain intact? And what of the Director?



Episode 230 Travelers S02E11-12 Simon/001

Vincent convinces Simon to build a consciousness transfer machine that he claims will help the specialist regain his mental health. Episode 211 also examines the personal lives of the travelers as they adjust to the permanance of the 21st. In "001" Vincent asks MacLaren for a truce, and when he refuses to stand down, Vincent abducts one "loved one" of each team member.

Episode Grade: 211 Dave B+  Wayne B  212 A-


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