Episode 229 Travelers S02E10 21C

Marcy takes extreme measures to regain her missing memories, and she finds more than she bargains for. We learn the truth behind her intellectual challenges and witness her first meeting with David. MacLaren's team joins forces with the recently released Luca and Hall to protect a young girl who's been identified as POTUS 53.

Episode Grade: A-


Episode 228 Travelers S02E09 Update

Philip attends an historians meeting and receives his first timeline data update, but it's not without its consequences. Hall and Luca gain an early release from prison and resurface in a mission that complicates his already tenuous relationship with MacLaren. The team members continue to accept the fact that these are their new lives despite Hall's warning to not get caught up in the trappings of the 21st.

Episode Grade: Dave A  Wayne B+


Episode 227 Travelers S02E08 Traveler 0027

Traveler 0027 aka Grace, stands trial for disrupting the Grand Plan, but all is not as it seems as the Director has something else in mind. Even though MacLaren's team appears to be making progress in its fight against the Faction, another serious issue has cropped up. The timeline is changing, and Philip's knowledge of the past is no longer as relevant as it once was.

Episode Grade: A-


The Librarians: Lindy Booth Interview

This interview first appeared as part of the December 2017 Sci Fi Fidelity Podcast on Den of Geek US and can be heard here in its entirety. Lindy Booth plays Cassandra Cillian on the TNT series, but some of you may remember her from the time travel show Odyssey 5.


Episode 226 Travelers S02E07 17 Minutes

The Home Team sets out to retrieve a meteor whose properties give rise to materials necessary to create the Director, but the Faction stands in its way. What makes this episode so compelling is that we don't know whether the characters are trapped in some sort of time loop or a repeated simulation. Peripheral characters must repeat their steps to ultimately prevent the Faction from winning this battle.

Episode Grade: A


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