Episode 225 Travelers S02E06 U235

The fundamental philosophical differences between the Director and the Faction become clearer as MacLaren's team scrambles to foil Forbes and find a cure for the rapidly spreading virus. The Director comes through with a cure, but now it seems just a matter of time before the Faction acts again. Dave recommends Marvel's Runaways on Hulu, and Wayne's choice is Marvel's The Punisher on Netflix.

Episode Grade: A-


Episode 224 Travelers S02E05 Jenny

Mac's travelers' team has to stop a deadly virus before it kills 30% of the world's population. Turns out that Jenny has not been totally honest about her feelings for Philip.

Episode Grade: A


Episode 223 Travelers S02E04 11:27

The travelers' team must coordinating two simultaneous missions in an attempt to prevent a big-agro corporation from going down a path from which there may be no return. Personal connections also continue to play a role as the team from the future must cope with whether or not they still have faith in the Grand Plan.

Episode Grade: A


Episode 222 Travelers S02E03 Jacob

Having been sent by the Director to find out who has been abducting and killing traveler teams, Jacob finds himself on the run after his four team members turn up dead. Mac interviews Vincent and upon learning of his involvement with the abductions, issues a kill order that ends up getting interrupted. Vincent goes on the run, but will the team follow?

Episode Grade: A


Episode 221 Travelers S02E02 Protocol 4

The team members return to a level of normalcy now that they are no longer in FBI custody. Personal relationships figure prominently in the episode as each has some soul searching to do as they move forward. Perhaps the biggest question revolves around Jenny's motives as she enters Philip's life at the behest, according to her, of the Director.

Episode Grade: Dave A  Wayne A-


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