Episode 220 Travelers S02E01 Ave Machina

Showcase's time travel adventure continues as Grant MacLaren's team finds itself in FBI custody after they're apprehended with the Quantum Frame. Trevor and Grace recover from their wounds while David tries to piece together what just happened in his apartment. But the big reveal is the introduction of Vincent, Traveler 001 through his therapy sessions which are used to explain many of the season one events. Has the timeline changed? Is the Director still calling the shots? Is 001 merely trying to stay alive?

Episode Grade: A


Episode 219 Dollhouse S02E02 Instinct

Echo's engagement entails becoming the mother to the infant whose mother died in childbirth leaving the father distraught and unable to bond with the child. Madeline returns to provide another side to the complex morality the show explores, and Topher's experiments continue unchecked.

Episode Grade: B


Episode 218 Dollhouse S02E01 Vows

With a senate investigation looming in the background, the Dollhouse brings Paul Ballard on board, first as a client and then as Echo's handler. The strained relationship between Dr. Saunders and Topher underscores the complex moral issues explored by the show.

Episode Grade: Dave A  Wayne B


Episode 217 Marvel’s Inhumans S01E01-02 Behold . . . The Inhumans/Those Who Would Destroy Us

Black Bolt and Medusa rule over a secret Inhuman city on the Moon, but a NASA scientist's curiousity puts the group in jeopardy. After a military coup at the behest of Black Bolt's brother Maximus, most of the royal family escape to Earth. 

Episode Grade: C


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