Episode 211 Dollhouse S01E13 Epitaph One

"Kids playing with matches, and they burned down the house." In an abrupt paradigm shift, the story of the Dollhouse moves to 2019 after its technology has shattered society's fabric and brought on an apocalypse of biblical proportions. As a small band of survivors navigates the dystopic future landscape, they stumble upon the Dollhouse as they search for Safe Haven, which to them may simply be an urban myth. Juxtaposed against this story, we see, through a series of flashbacks, how the Dollhouse fell and the impact science run unchecked has on the perpetrators as well as the innocents.

Episode Grade: A+


Episode 210 Dollhouse S01E12 Omega

Even though a thirteenth episode appears on the DVD set, "Omega" was the final season one episode to air on Fox. Ballard unwittingly brings Alpha back into the Dollhouse giving the renegade active exactly what he wanted: Echo. A number of truths are revealed including Dr. Saunders' back story and the fact that the Dollhouse enlisted convicted criminals to be part of their early trials. Regardless, while Echo returns safely, Alpha remains at large waiting to wreak havoc once again.

Episode Grade: A


Episode 209 Dollhouse S01E11Briar Rose

The tale of Sleeping Beauty provides the basis for the season one penultimate episode as heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Echo's engagement centers on her attempt to help a young girl overcome emotional trauma, and Paul Ballard finally finds his holy grail. Alan Tudyk's Alpha immediately sends the narrative in a frightening direction.

Episode Grade: A


Episode 208 Dollhouse S01E10 Haunted

In order to solve a close friend's murder, Adele DeWitt has Topher bring the woman back from the dead and place her consciousness in Echo's body. Boyd is bothered by the moral and ethical ramifications of providing life after death and sees this as "the beginning of the end." The physical and emotional toll that working at the Dollhouse takes on the staff are explored through Topher's "diagnostic" with Sierra.

Episode Grade: A


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