Episode 198 Dave and Wayne Talk Sci Fi Television

In between shows, Dave and Wayne talk about podcasts they listen to, non-genre shows on their viewing schedules, and their favorite current shows. Should the next Doctor be a woman? What does it take for you to quit a show? Are you a binger or do you like to savor each episode?

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Radio Free Skaro

The History of Rome Podcast

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Episode 197 Travelers S01E12 Grace

The Travelers' season finale sets in motion future and present events that threaten to radically alter how we approach the series. While Grace and Ellis argue about how things should be handled in the 21st, it becomes painfully clear that the Helios mission did not achieve the expected and desired results. Now what? With MacLaren's team now in FBI custody, perhaps the most intriguing question revolves around how the team will explain the Quantum Frame and what role the Director will play moving forward.

Episode Grade: Dave A+  Wayne A


Episode 196 Travelers S01E11 Marcy

Marcy's medical problems reach a critical point, and two high level travelers appear to reveal a narrative twist that sets up season two nicely. Unfortunately, Marcy's "treatment" comes at a cost, but more than that, the others face some personal dilemmas that they'd previously been able to push off to the side.

Episode Grade: A


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