Episode 195 Travelers S01E10 Kathryn

As Grant MacLaren fights for his life after barely surviving the plane crash, a travelers medical team employs its entire futuristic arsenal to bring him back from the brink. Now that traveler MacLaren possesses some of his host's memories, particularly as they pertain to his relationship with his wife, it remains to be seen how that impacts his connection with Carly. We also air our thoughts about the return of Doctor Who for Series 10 and The Doctor's new companion Bill.

Episode Grade: Dave A-  Wayne A


Episode 194 Travelers S01E09 Bishop

McLaren's team members each face a confrontation likely to produce a ripple effect down the road, but it's McLaren's impending doom that forces the group into action when the plane he's on crashes killing all on board. Well, except for Congressman Bishop and Kat McLaren.

Episode Grade: Dave A+  Wayne A


Take Five #24 Outcast S01E01 A Darkness Surrounds Him

As the United States anticipates the return of the Robert Kirkman Cinemax series Outcast's second season, Dave goes back to take a look at the pilot episode that aired originally during the summer of 2016. This review originally appeared in print on Den of Geek US, and Dave covered all of season one and will be reviewing the show's current season once it airs in the United States.

Dave's Episode Grade: A+



Episode 193 Travelers S01E08 Donner

Having carried out their mission and taken some time to decompress, the team members wonder what their next move will be, all the while coming to terms with the fact that they may simply live out their lives in the 21st century in the bodies of strangers. However, it's the appearance of the latest traveler whose desire to circumvent the program that places everything in jeopardy. Do we believe Donner when he tells us the Director didn't give him enough time to learn how to defuse the bomb?

Episode Grade: A-


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