Episode 192 Travelers S01E07 Protocol 5

Team members must now cope with the very real possibility that they've done what they came to do, and must follow the protocols and live out the lives of their hosts. Carly grows closer to her baby while Maclaren's encounter with his wife appears to have driven a new wedge between the couple.

Episode Grade: Dave  A  Wayne  A-


Episode 191 Travelers S01E06 Helios 685

Maclaren's team's mission finally comes into focus as they coordinate with a number of other traveler teams to take a step toward preventing the asteroid Helios 685 from colliding with Earth.We also learn that the future may be as radically different as we'd feared. 

Episode Grade: Dave A-  Wayne A


Episode 190 Travelers S01E05 Room 101

Marcie, Trevor, Carly, and Philip are kidnapped by unknown forces and interrogated with questions that imply their captor knows their true identities. Left with few clues, MacLaren enlists the aid of fellow traveler Officer Boyd to find and release the members of his team. Was The Director responsible for this hostile, covert action? That remains to be seen. The Protocols: The Rules of Being a Time Traveler

Episode Grade: A


Episode 189 Travelers S01E04 Hall

Stargate Universe alum Louis Ferreira guest stars as a traveler in need of McLaren's team's help on a mission gone awry. Rick Hall forces McLaren and the rest of the team to examine the protocols they've been tasked to uphold during their mission to change the past to save the future. In the end, McLaren's decision could have far reaching effects.

Episode Grade: A


Episode 188 Travelers S01E03 Aleksander

Still dealing with the guilt related to Steven's overdose death, Philip deviates from the mission and sets out to save individuals slated to die during their stay in 2016. Carly's boyfriend's suspicions increase, but it's unclear whether or not he's made a solid connection between Carly and Marcie. Travelers asks the fundamental questions all good time travel tales must grapple with: how much do we try to change?

Episode Grade: A


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