Episode 187 Travelers S01E02 Protocol 6

The travelers first mission involves an antimatter device that might be the genesis of the most destructive LMD the Earth has known. Marcie teases David with her knowledge of a future event, but their identities could be compromised as the nuclear physicist in charge of the program suspects something may not be right.

Episode Grade: B+


Episode 186 Travelers S01E01 Travelers

Five individuals arrive from the future intent on executing a large scale plan to alter the events that led to the apocalyptic world from which they've come. Starring Eric McCormack as FBI agent Grant MacLaren, MacKenzie Porter (Marcy Warton), Nesta Cooper (Carly Shannon), Jared Abrahamson (Trevor Holden), and Reilly Dolman (Philip Pearson), the travelers acclimate themselves to their new bodies and their new surroundings in this 12 episode series that first aired on Showcase in Canada.

Episode Grade: B+


Episode 185 All Star Spaceship Crews

After making some final comments about the season three finale of The Librarians, Dave and Wayne set out to draft an all-star crew for a ship that will venture out among the stars. Listeners also check in with their choices as eternal arguments are set into motion. The guys each choose a ship, a captain, a pilot or first mate, an engineer or tech genius, a medical officer, an artificial intelligence or android, and a utility crew member. James T. Kirk vs Malcolm Reynolds; The Tardis vs Klingon Bird of Prey; who put together the best crew?



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