Episode 184 The Librarians S03E10 And the Wrath of Chaos

With the Library under siege by DOSA and Apep, the team is forced to operate outside of the box to successfully prevent the release of pure evil into the world. Employing their new abilities, the young Librarians manage to defeat the roadblocks that have been put into place by an unlikely foe.

Episode Grade: A


Episode 183 The Librarians S03E08-09 And the Eternal Question/And the Fatal Separation

In Episode 308 Flynn takes Eve to Alaska for a romantic meal while the young Librarians investigate a spa that turns out to be a vampire sanctuary. However, the episode takes a major turn as Cassandra is rushed to a hospital to have her tumor removed and possibly her abilities as well. Episode 309 finds the team visiting Shangri-La, but it's the huge revelation about Eve that pushes everything else into the background as we head towards the season finale.

Episode Grades: 308 Dave A  Wayne C / 309 A-


Episode 182 The Librarians S03E07 And the Curse of Cindy

The team goes off to investigate a cult that worships a young woman named Cindy, however, once at her compound, the situation proves a bit more complex. We not only encounter DOSA soldiers preparing to launch a missile, but find that Ezekiel's feeling that he knows Cindy from somewhere reveals a side of him that we've not seen before. The episode provides a glimpse of our obsessive natures and a fascination with reality television. Dave and Wayne also discuss the problems facing viewers of historical fiction such as History's Vikings.

Episode Grade: Dave A-  Wayne A


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