Episode 173 The Librarians S02E05 And the Hollow Men

Set against a backdrop whereby Moriarty continues his quest to accumulate magical artifacts for Prospero, Flynn Carsen and the Librarians recognize that they must work smarter in the spirit of cooperation if they are to succeed in keeping the world's magic from running wild. And finally, the mystery of the Library's disconnection is solved, and things begin returning to normal.

Episode Grade: Dave A-  Wayne  B+



Episode 172 The Librarians S02E04 And the Cost of Education

It's back to school for the team as they travel to Wexler College to investigate what at first appears to be a simple missing mascot case. However, there's much more to this college than meets the eye, but it's Cassandra's chance meeting with a kindred spirit that highlights the episode.

Episode Grade: Dave A-  Wayne A



Episode 171 The Librarians S02E03 And What Lies Beneath the Stones

Stone, Jones, and Cassandra follow a Clippings Book lead to Oklahoma and a family reunion of sorts as Jacob must face some personal demons en route to putting a shapeshifter back in confinement. Dave and Wayne also discuss the first episode of HBOs much anticipated series Westworld and give it high marks in all areas.

Episode Grade: Dave A  Wayne B+

Episode 170 The Librarians S02E02 And the Broken Staff

While Jenkins and Eve coordinate from The Library, Flynn and the young Librarians battle Prospero and Moriarty who lead a siege to get to the Heart of the Library and the Tree of Knowledge. Enlisting the aid of additional Fictionals including the Queen of Hearts and Frankenstein's monster, the two are rebuffed before they attain their prize, remain at large by episode's end.

Episode Grade: A

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