Episode 169 The Librarians S02E01 and the Drowned Book

The season two premiere finds the introduction of Fictionals as William Shakespeare's Prospero sets out to reclaim the magical powers his author so cruelly stole from him. Enlisting the aid of Sherlock Holmes nemesis, Professor James Moriarty, Prospero's plan gets the attention of the entire team as Flynn and Eve return from their adventures to find the team splintered, each having gone his/her own way.

Episode Grade: A

Take Five #23 The Librarians and the Lost Lamp: Book Review

Dave reviews the forthcoming companion novel from TNT's The Librarians. Written by Greg CoxThe Librarians and the Lost Lamp follows Flynn Carsen in 2006 initially in pursuit of a draft of Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the young Librarians going to Las Vegas in 2016. Due to be released October 11th, the first of three books captures the essence of the television series as it places our heroes in danger while at the same time provides an opportunity for the shippers to get excited.

Dave's Book Report Grade: A-



Episode 168 The Librarians S01E10 And the Loom of Fate

Showrunner/writer/creator John Rogers explores the multiverse theory of reality as Eve experiences different timelines and different versions of her team after Flynn returns from his search for the missing Library. Any questions we've had about the Librarians' readiness for solo work disappears as the episode's events lead Flynn, Eve, and Jenkins to present the three with diplomas in the form of mini clippings books. But it's the showdown between Galahad and Lancelot that opens the door to a wealth of story possibilities.

Episode Grade: A+

Episode 167 The Librarians S01E07 And the Rule of Three

The Librarians return to high school to investigate strange goings on at the annual STEM fair. Cassandra, Dave, and Wayne relate their experiences as the parents attempt to outdo each other, but it's the revelation of the true identities of Jenkins and the contest's sponsor that highlight the episode. In the end, Cassandra and Stone both provide an understanding ear and some sage advice to two young people on the cusp of adulthood.

Episode Grade: A


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