Episode 166 The Librarians S01E09 And the City of Light

In a departure from previous episodes, the team investigates a missing person's case that turns out to be science related, not magic. With Colonel Baird out of the picture for most of the story, Cassandra, Ezekiel, and Jacob must process the scene and make some of the most difficult choices they've yet faced. Stone's protective wall begins to come down as he falls for one of the locals in a town whose residents have been trapped for 100 years after a Nicolas Tesla experiment went awry.

Episode Grade: Dave A-  Wayne B+

Episode 165 The Librarians S01E05 And the Apple of Discord

Someone has woken the dragons and the earthquakes plaguing the world have sent the Librarians into overdrive as they research who or what might be behind this non-magic event. Flynn returns and takes Stone, Cassandra, and Eve with him to Rome to search for a stolen pearl while Jones stays behind at the Annex with Jenkins patiently waiting for his pizza with extra cheese. Needless to say, the theft is only a diversion, and the Apple of Discord provides a window into the worst side of each individual. Except one.

Episode Grade: A

Episode 164 The Librarians S01E04 And Santa’s Midnight Run

Arguably one of the finest Christmas episodes to ever air, Cassandra's favorite holiday gets temporarily cancelled when Dulaque (Matt Frewer) kidnaps Santa (Bruce Campbell) in order to steal a year's worth of goodwill. Despite her best efforts, Eve's attitude changes and the others have their Christmas wishes fulfilled. 

Episode Grade: Dave A+  Wayne A+

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