Episode 163 The Librarians S01E08 And the Heart of Darkness

Colonel Baird, Stone, and Jones encounter a girl with blood on her clothes wandering down a country lane, but this episode really belongs to Cassandra Cillian who faces her fears head on and ends the day a new woman. In a take off of the House on Haunted Hill story, the House of Refuge never considered that it would be forced to defer to a family of serial killers.

Episode Grade: Dave A   Wayne A-



Episode 162 The Librarians S01E06 And the Fables of Doom

For a variety of reasons, TNT aired the episodes out of John Rogers' intended order, so though it actually aired as the sixth episode of season 1, "And the Fables of Doom" was meant to air fourth. Employing the plot device of "weaponized fairy tales," writer Kate Rorick takes viewers on a playful romp as recognizable stories turn dark, and the librarians' personalities become affected providing a look into another side of each. Check out John Rogers' blog for some fascinating insight into each episode. Wayne also talks some Mr. Robot, and Dave runs down some of the show panels at 2016 SDCC.

Episode Grade: Dave A-  Wayne A



Episode 161 The Librarians S01E03 And the Horns of a Dilemma

On their own for the first time, the new Librarians find themselves trapped in the Labyrinth which is now being used by the CEO of an agra company to grow the firm's profits. Guest star Tricia Helfer appears as Karen Willis, the CEO, who provides 14 cultic sacrifices each year to appease the minotaur who is still trapped in the maze. 

Episode Grade: A

Episode 160 The Librarians S01E01-02 And the Crown of King Arthur/And the Sword in the Stone

We all know that magic exists, but who bears the responsibility for watching over it, keeping it out of the hands of those who look to use it for nefarious means? The Librarians of course. Based on the three TNT movies centered on Noah Wyle's character Flynn Carsen, the new television series adds a guardian and three new librarians that allow Carsen to roam the world in search of the library which has lost its tether. Renewed for a third season, the show is expect to return this winter.

Episode Grade: A

Episode 159 Stargate SG-1 S01E01 Children of the Gods

One of only three genre shows to produce ten or more seasons, Stargate SG-1 debuted in 1997 on Showtime where it aired for five season before moving to SyFy. Starring Richard Dean AndersonAmanda TappingMichael Shanks, and Christopher Judge, the show explored the notion that intelligent life in the universe stretches much farther than just Earth and Abydos. We also discuss the season 6 finale of Game of Thrones, the Saturn Award winners, and the YA novel The Age of Miracles.

Episode Grade: A


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