Episode 158 Alias S01E01 Truth Be Told

Juggling graduate school with international espionage, Sydney Bristow has her world turned upside down when she learns that she doesn't actually work for the CIA, but instead its enemy, a covert organization SD-6. Jennifer Garner stars as a talented field agent who's gone undercover as a double agent to bring down this rogue organization. Bradley Cooper plays Sydney's best friend Will, Michael Vartan her CIA handler, and Legends of Tomorrow's Victor Garber (Professor Stein) appears as her father. Alias aired five seasons from 2001-2005 and was created by J.J. Abrams.

Episode Grade: Dave A+  Wayne A



Episode 157 Life on Mars UK S01E01

The series opens as Detective Sam Tyler works a serial killer case, but when his estranged detective girlfriend follows a hunch of her own, he's drawn into a surreal world and experience. Hit by a car, we follow Sam as he finds himself in 1973 still working as a detective as he struggles for answers about his current state. Did he time travel? Is he dreaming? We don't know in a show that lasted two seasons of eight episodes each.

Episode Grade: Dave B  Wayne A


Episode 156 The 4400 S01E01 Pilot

Apparently the disappearances began in 1946, but suddenly on the heels of an incoming comet, 4400 individuals who had mysteriously vanished during the past 60 years, appear with no memory of where they'd been, who took them, and what they'd been doing. Oh yeah, they also haven't aged. The pilot episode follows four of this group as they make the difficult transition back into a world that for some now holds little meaning. Airing on the USA Network between 2004-2007, the series ran for 44 episodes spread over four seasons. 

Episode Grade: Dave C  Wayne D+



Episode 155 Hemlock Grove S01E01 Jellyfish in the Sky

The 2013 Netflix release Hemlock Grove sets the scene for the mystery and intrigue surrounding a Pennsylvania steel town that appears to be populated by werewolves and vampires. At the center is the gruesome murder of high school cheerleader Brooke Bluebell as we're introduced to a series of potential killers. The series concluded after 33 episodes spread over three seasons. The guys also discuss issues they have with The Flash and Arrow as well as analyzing pilots.

Episode Grade: Dave B-  Wayne A-



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