Episode 154 Charlie Jade S01E01 The Big Bang

We take a look at the Candadian/South African collaboration that explores parallel universes and the impact each has on the other. Centered around private investigator Charlie Jade, the a secret experiment to ship water from gammaverse to alphaverse meets with opposition, and an explosion sends characters to verses unknown. Originally, airing on Space in 2005, the series later appeared in 2008 on SyFy US. Watch Charlie Jade here.

Episode Grade: Dave B+  Wayne C+ 

Episode 153 Dark Angel S02E21 Freak Nation

As the series comes to a close, Max reluctantly accepts the responsibility of transgenic savior, and though their situation remains bleak, some hearts and minds have softened. Original Cindy delivers the most impassioned speech of the series, and the raising of Joshua's flag at the end provides hope that there may be light at the end of the road. What does it mean to be human? Hard to believe that Normal says it best; "they're just like you and me."

Episode Grade: A+

Episode 152 Dark Angel S02E20 Love Among The Runes

Hysteria regarding transgenics has reached a fever pitch, and when Alec's pal Biggs is captured by vigilantes, strung up and killed, Max and the others have some decisions to make. Sketch finds himself in the middle of a moral crossroads, and despite his best efforts, Alec can't convince Logan that Max still cares for him. Trying to stay one step ahead of the government, the ordinaries and Ames White, the freaks and the Xs have banded together at Terminal City.

Episode Grade: A



Episode 151 Dark Angel S02E19 She Ain’t Heavy

Max encounters her clone who was on a deep cover mission when Manticore fell. When Ames White's men locate 453 and he realizes she's a clone, he pits her love for her husband and step-son against any loyalty she might have for Max. Also down for the count is Eyes Only, and Joshua's attempt at living on his own comes to a screeching halt as well after they all recognize the value of family.

Episode Grade: Dave A-  Wayne B+


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