Episode 148 Dark Angel S02E17 Hello, Goodbye

After yet another virus scare that lands Logan in the hospital, Max decides that to protect the man she loves, she needs to break off their relationship. Joshua meets Annie (Kandyce McClure), a blind woman who sees him for who he really is, but because he's a transgenic, his relationship is doomed before it even begins. Max and Alec draw closer, but to what end.


Episode 147 Lost Girl S05E16 Rise

In the series finale the clubhouse burns, as Jack tries to draw Bo into his plan to rule the world. Though it's touch and go for awhile, love reigns over all as Kenzi is able to stop Bo from going full on dark queen. Tamsin gives birth to Bo's half-sister, but it's Kenzi who takes her, raises her, and eventually returns her to the center of Fae life, The Dal. And in the end, Bo and Lauren reconcile leaving Doccubus fans everywhere satisfied.


Episode 146 Lost Girl S05E15 Let Them Burn

Bo and Kenzie find the midwife at Bo's birth, and in doing so learn the identity of the Pyrippus. Dyson must assume a leadership role as the Light and Dark agree to join forces against Hades who plans to raise Tamsin's child as his own. 


Episode 145 Lost Girl S05E14 Follow the Yellow Trick Road

Dave and Wayne discuss the 2016 Saturn Awards nominees, and as usual, have their share of disagreement. The episode pays homage to The Wizard of Oz as Bo's dream state parallels real time while the team figures out how to snap her back into the real world. Dyson continues to mourn Trick's death, and the reading of the Ash's will helps to assuage some of the guilt each feels.


Episode 144 Lost Girl S05E13 Family Portrait

Looking for her mother, Bo finds Aife drinking a before dinner glass of wine with her apron sporting, dinner preparing father Hades. Convinced at first that her father's to blame for her mother's psychological problems, Bo sets off to confront him. But when the Lord of the Underworld informs her that it was actually her grandfather Trick, the episode is thrown into a chaos that ends with two dead and one pregnant.


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