Episode 143 Lost Girl S05E12 Judgement Fae

Is it better to have loved and lost? Lauren, Bo, Tamsin, and Dyson each must deal with the painful emotions associated with having ones heart broken. This close to the end we still don't know Hades' end game, and we're introduced to yet another god. And he's the ugly one?


Episode 142 Lost Girl S05E11 Sweet Valkyrie High

Through a series of flashbacks, we're introduced to Tamsin's teenaged backstory at Valkyrie school under the tutelage of Freya and later Acacia. The plan to return Hades to Tartarus is complicated by the fact that his desire to assemble an army is now out in the open. Will Tamsin lead the armies of Hell? What is Jack really up to? Will Dr. Lewis eventually be able to return Evony to her greatness as The Morrigan?


Episode 141 Lost Girl S05E10 Like Father, Like Daughter

The effects of Lauren's science experiment come to light, but the implications remain clouded as we await the fae colony reaction. Alicia discovers Dyson's secret, and Kenzie returns to help Bo acquire a painting needed to send Hades back to Tartarus. 


Episode 140 Lost Girl S05E09 44 Minutes to Save the World

Having released her father Hades from the music box, Bo must now work with him as the fae try to prevent Zeus from carrying out his end-of-the-world scenario. Moral and ethical decisions abound in this episode as Dyson must decide how to tell Alicia the truth about her husband, while Lauren's latest lab project presents far reaching consequences. 


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