Episode 139 Dark Angel S02E16 Exposure

We return to White and the breeding cult as his son undergoes a test to find out whether he's worthy of the program. Feeling directionless and questioning his own self worth, Sketch obtains a job as a free-lance journalist for one of the local tabloid newspapers. Wayne gives us a short list of cliches and tropes used in this episode.


Episode 138 Dark Angel S02E15 Fuhgettaboudit

Tracy Ryan (Petaline in Firefly's "Heart of Gold") guest stars as a former Manticore SYOPS agent who's simply trying to get her mob accountant boyfriend to leave the life and run away with her. As part of the plan, she coerces Alec back into the ring, and even though Max eventually has to put him down, Normal's man crush on Alec appears front and center. Wayne presents his top five list of films dealing with memory loss, and Dave expounds on The Expanse.


Episode 137 Dark Angel S02E14 Love in Vein

Having decided to repair her damaged social life, Max goes clubbing with Original Cindy, but the experience takes a detour as a transgenic led group of "Lost Boys and Girls" runs roughshod over the patrons wreaking havoc as they go. The leader turns out to be from Manticore and gives the members of this group of misfits a sense of belonging, but not without exacting a steep price. Sam Witwer (Being Human US) guest stars as the charismatic commander of the group who dispenses his blood to the members of his church.


Episode 136 Dark Angel S02E13 Harbor Lights

Max ends up in the hands of the CDC after she takes a bullet to the gut in what began as a simple attempt to gas for motorcycle. Dr. Sam Carr (Brian Markinson) comes to Max's aid, but it's too little too late as Ames White interrupts his golf practice after learning that a barcode kid has been admitted to the hospital. In the end Max returns home, but her file has found its way to DC.


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