Episode 135 Dark Angel S02E12 Borrowed Time

Before embarking on our Dark Angel discussion, we examine the excitement surrounding the release of Star Wars VII and the coincidence associated with one of the episode's plot points. While another Manticore monster wreaks havoc on the streets, Max continues her pursuit of a cure for the virus that unceasingly plagues her relationship with Logan. Alec buys Asha drinks at Crash, and at the end of the evening, she goes home with him. But it's his relationship with Max that we really need to keep our eyes on.


Take Five #22 Source Material, Binge Watching, and Theatergoing

Dave discusses the importance of staying true to the source material in anticipation of the SyFy event series Childhood's End. Is there resolution to the Star Wars vs Star Trek debate? Dave and Wayne plan to give it a go. With the wealth of genre material on television these days, how does anyone keep up? Did you call in sick on November 21 in anticipation of a binge watch of Amazon's The Man in the High Castle and/or Netflix's Jessica Jones?


Episode 134 Dark Angel S02E11 The Berrisford Agenda

Though we learn a lot about Alec's background and the mission that significantly impacted his post-Manticore life, we also become more aware of Joshua's continuing development as an artist and a member of Max's extended family. Will Max change her opinion of Alec now that she knows the truth about the horrors those she left behind were forced to endure? Guest star Meghan Ory appears as Alec's piano student and ends up as his first, and perhaps only, love. And you just have to love Joshua throwing his first ever dinner party replete with macaroni and cheese and hot dogs.


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