Episode 133 Marvel’s Jessica Jones S01E01 AKA Ladies Night

November 20th finally arrived and with it the 13 episode first season of Marvel's Jessica Jones starring Krysten Ritter in the title role. We're introduced to a broken former superhero now earning a living as a hard-boiled detective taking the jobs that no one else wants or can see through to the end. But she has a dark past, and the man who nearly broke her, who she also believes is dead, has returned and imposed his will on another young woman. Though we don't get to see much of David Tennant's Kilgrave in the first episode, just seeing the effect he has on Jessica is enough to send chills up and down your spine.


Episode 132 Dark Angel S02E10 Brainiac

Another X-5 turns up in Seattle, but Brain not at all like those we've met up to this point. Designed to predict battle events and how individual soldiers will react to specific battlefield situations, Brain has had his eye on Max since they were children. Continuum's Terry Chen turns up as a member of the oft times ineffectual rebel group S1W, and Max once again saves Asha.


Take Five #21 IMDB, Reboots, and Supergirl

Dave talks about the benefits of the Internet staple IMDB and the inherent problems with rebooting classic science fiction television shows that died before their time. And what's wrong with Supergirl's outfit?


Episode 131 Dark Angel S02E09 Medium is the Message

Wayne tries to dissuade Dave from giving up on The Leftovers before they launch into their Dark Angel discussion. While searching for a pencil for Max, Joshua inadvertently discovers his artistic side which enables Alec to turn a quick buck selling his emotionally charged paintings. However, the introduction of a second genetic engineering group sets us on a journey to discover the history of this nearly ten thousand year old experiment.


Take Five #20 Zombies and Hockey

Wayne brings together the disparate forces that are zombie television and ice hockey film. Quick takes on iZombie, Z Nation, The Walking Dead, and Fear the Walking Dead let us into Wayne's world (see what I did there) of horror television. He presents his Top 5 Hockey Movie list, but are you kidding me, no Youngblood?


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