Episode 130 Dark Angel S02E08 Gill Girl

When fisherman dredge up the body of what appears to be a mermaid, they're stunned to see she's still alive. Of course, it turns out to be another member of the Manticore transgenic family on the run after the fire. Max and Alec come to the rescue but not before Logan has a scare they think is related to the virus Max has implanted in her.


Episode 129 Dark Angel S02E07 Some Assembly Required

After having his organs harvested, (Max has his heart), Zach resurfaces as part of a Steelhead gang intent on siphoning off the nanocytes designed to repair damage to his body. Only a shell of himself, Zach slowly begins making connections as the memories he's able to access begin to make sense. In the end, though, Logan arranges for him to recuperate far from Max. Check out Continuum creator/showrunner Simon Barry's new production company Reality Distortion Field.  Lego Movie team works on new time travel show.


Episode 128 Serenity

In the 2005 film Malcolm Reynolds and the crew try to carry out simple payroll heist, but the Alliance continues to pursue River Tam and disrupts their latest payday. The Operative needs to bring River in dead or alive to prevent her from revealing information she obtained regarding a hidden planet called Miranda.


Take Five #19 Podcast Update

We just want to touch base with you guys to let you know why there's no new show this week, and to keep you up to date regarding where we're headed. The Leftovers season 2 premiere; wow. Damon Lindelof's fingerprints all over it.


Episode 127 Firefly S01E14 Objects in Space

In the series ending episode, River Tam agonizes over the crew's reactions towards her as she comes to terms with her new home and new family. Counterpointed against the bounty hunter Jubal Early who also tries to find meaning in the world, River's intense reactions to the feelings of the crew eventually allow her to find some sense of normalcy.


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