Episode 122 Firefly S01E10 War Stories

After feeling left out one too many times, Wash forces Malcolm to take him along on the latest job hoping that he'll be able to finally join in the storytelling. But the return of Niska puts both of them in a difficult spot as Mal loses an ear and Wash loses his innocence. In the end, it's River that steps up and helps save the day.


Episode 121 Firefly S01E09 Ariel

During what starts as a relatively innocuous stop on a core planet, Jayne finally does what we've expected him to do, and comes within an eyelash of being shoved out the airlock. Simon provides the crew with the opportunity for a heavy payday which in return gives him a chance to move forward in his attempt to help his enigmatic sister River. Android listeners can now access the podcast using Podbean's new Android app available through Google Play.


Episode 120 Firefly S01E08 Out of Gas

Writer Tim Minear masterfully weaves the present with two levels of the past as we learn the details behind the origin of each of the original crew members. We've witnessed the crew experience some hardships along the way, but nothing to this extent as Serenity goes dead in the water as the result of a mechanical breakdown that even Kaylee is unable to repair. Unsurprisingly, Captain Reynolds takes care of his crew first and prepares to die at the helm of his beloved ship.


Episode 119 Firefly S01E07 Jaynestown

The crew's job as the middleman on a deal that actually goes relatively smoothly takes a back seat to the unlikeliest of folk heroes, Jayne Cobb. Viewed as a man of the people after standing up to the magistrate, Jayne gives these poor indentured servants hope even after they learn the truth behind his origin story. Did Dave really watch Sharknado?


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