Episode 118 Dark Angel S02E06 Two

Joshua's brother Isaac terrorizes the city, but once we learn the circumstances behind Isaac's behavior, we recognize the difficult position facing Max and Joshua. In perhaps the most heart wrenching episode of the second season, we watch as both Max and Joshua agonize over decisions they've been forced to make.


Episode 117 Firefly S01E06 Our Mrs. Reynolds

Back on Serenity after a stint as hired muscle, the crew delights to find their captain married to one of the town's women. But of course all is not as it seems as guest star Christina Hendricks' character Saffron has ulterior motives that don't include becoming Mrs. Malcolm Reynolds for very long.


Episode 116 Dark Angel S02E05 Boo

Max tries to work out some of her relationship frustrations through a dream that takes place on Halloween, and in a scenario reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz, we see the crew as we've never seen them before. Todd Stashwick (12 Monkeys and The Originals) and Sarah Carter (Falling Skies) guest star. Listen to Michael Ahr's interview with Todd Stashwick here.


Episode 115 Firefly S01E05 Safe

The Tam's backstory is explored in this episode as the crew delivers a herd of cattle, but despite her best efforts River endangers not only herself but also her brother as she's set to be burned as a witch. Captain Reynolds' actions solidify what he's told Simon all along; that if you're a member of Serenity's crew, you will be protected.


Episode 114 Dark Angel S02E04 Radar Love

While White steps up his transgenic genocide by hiring a talented geneticist, Max and Logan deal with their forced separation by going out with Rafer and Asha respectively, but does Asha take unfair advantage of the situation? Joshua and Max's relationship grows as he begins watching out for her as well.


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