Episode 109 Firefly S01E02 The Train Job

Desperate for any paying job, Malcolm and the crew agree to steal two Alliance crates from a moving train. Meanwhile, Shepherd Book and Simon seek purpose as they clearly must now operate outside their comfort zones. But more importantly, why in the world did Fox air this as the pilot?


Episode 108 Dark Angel S02E01 Designate This

While Max undergoes retraining at Manticore, Logan continues his quest to bring down the covert project that's risen from the ashes of the DNA lab fire. The two are reunited, but seem destined to remain apart, this time because of the retro-virus with which Max has become infected. At the end though, Manticore is brought to its knees again, and the name Sandman gives us pause regarding his role in the project.


Episode 107 Firefly S01E01 Serenity Parts 1 & 2

On the outer edges of the solar system, Captain Malcolm Reynolds and his crew straddle the line between law and order as they do whatever they can to survive. Serenity takes on its most enigmatic passenger to date, and the nine person crew establishes itself as they try to stay one step ahead of The Alliance.


Episode 106 Dark Angel S01E22 And Jesus Brought a Casserole (Part 2)

In the season 1 finale, Max, Zach and two other X-5s team with Lydecker as the struggle for power at Manticore comes to a head. We finally get the scene we've been waiting for, but just as quickly it's ripped away, and the episode concludes with Max at Manticore and Logan on the Space Needle.


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