Take Five #17 Vikings: Lagertha

For whatever reason I wasn't drawn to The History Channel's scripted drama Vikings which chronicles Ragnar Lothbrok's rise from lowly farmer/raider to feared and respected king when it first aired. But once I began the journey, it quickly became one of my favorite shows, and Ragnar's shield-maiden wife Lagertha, my favorite character. Lagertha' got it all: looks, bravery, motherly instincts, and a warrior's spirit. So just how hot is she?


Rachel Skarsten interview with GATE Magazine

Episode 105 Dark Angel S01E21 Meow (Part 1)

In an episode that juxtaposes humor related to Max's heat cycle and her desire to finally be with Logan with the impending Manticore civil war, Max and the other X-5s may surprisingly have a reason to team with Lydecker. Though Max, Logan and Zach put their lives in jeopardy to save Tinga, we're left in the dark about the success of the mission.


Episode 104 Dark Angel S01E20 Hit a Sista Back

The X-5s are on the run again, but this time we learn that not only does Tinga have a son, it turns out he's exceptional. Of course, once Lydecker and Madame X learn that Case exists, they both want to get their hands on the mother yet surprisingly not the boy.


Episode 103 Dark Angel S01E19 I and I Am a Camera

The Office's Rainn Wilson guest stars as a vigilante who stumbles upon Max and her abilities. We learn that Logan's uncle's company manufactures hover-drones that have been weaponized, and because of this, Logan makes a decision to turn his back on family money.


Episode 102 Dark Angel S01E18 Pollo Loco

In another X-5 centric episode, Max must track down Ben (Jenson Ackles) who is battling his Manticore demons and a crisis of faith. In the end the situation leaves Max with only bad choices and the one she chooses will likely haunt her for the foreseeable future.


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