Episode 101 Dark Angel S01E17 Shortie’s In Love

Original Cindy's former lover breaks out of prison where she has unknowingly been used to test biological agents and convinces Cindy to run with her to Mexico. Max and Logan move one step closer after he lets her read a poem he wrote about her.


Take Five #16 TV Critics And Science

Dave lets the critics know that hardcore science is not a necessity for his enjoyment of genre television fare. The Scarlett Johansson film Lucy forms the basis of his argument.


Episode 100 Dark Angel S01E16 Haven

Logan's reluctance to bring down the walls he's built up continues as he tricks Max into taking a trip to the country so that he can pursue a lead. But once there, the tables turn and the sidekick turns into the superhero as they help a young boy regain the life he'd lost years before.


Episode 99 Dark Angel S01E15 Female Trouble

Logan's distress over his physical regression affects Max profoundly since she has no idea why he has been treating her so shabbily. There is hope though as Logan seeks out a former Manticore doctor that begins treatments to reverse the negative effects caused by those pesky antibodies. But perhaps the most significant plot twist involves Jacy, another X-5 kid, who turns up to assassinate Dr. Vertes. Oh and by the way, Jacy's pregnant.



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