Episode 98 Dark Angel S01E14 The Kidz Are Aiight

Logan regresses both physically and emotionally, and Zach's reappearance only complicates the situation between Logan and Max. Lydecker reappears to set a trap to bring the X-5's out into the open, but once again he underestimates his kids. Kendra moves out, and Original Cindy moves in, but neither Max nor Logan seems willing to make the first move in a relationship we've watched developing for some time.


Take Five #15 Where We’re Going

Changes are afoot for Faetalists as the guys begin implementing tweaks to the podcast. At its core though, the show remains the same as Lost Girl completes its five season run. We'll continue our run of James Cameron's Dark Angel before moving on to the next show, but the actual structure of the new podcast is still somewhat in flux. Look for a Facebook group soon, and for the time being, since the term "fae" referring to a mystical or legendary humanoid beings predates Lost Girl, we'll keep the name "faetalists".

Episode 97 Dark Angel S01E13 Rising

As we return to our look at James Cameron's Dark Angel, Max is hunted by Red Series super soldiers intent on using her to correct their own inherent design flaws. Much to Max's dismay, Kendra's involved with Walter, and Original Cindy leaves Jam Pony for greener pastures. But it's Logan's improvement that highlights the episode as Max's Manticore blood seems to be regenerating his damaged nerves.


Episode 96 Lost Girl Mid-Season Finale; Final Thoughts

As we enter the long, dark vacuum that is the Season 5 hiatus, we have more questions than answers, but isn't that what all good serial dramas present their viewers? Who wants what? Why end the world? Who will save the day? Bo? Hades? Zeus? Lauren? Tamsin? Maybe Trick can look up something in his book of secrets. Lost Girl Reddit Poll; Who are you rooting for?


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