Episode 95 Lost Girl S05E08 End of Faes

The Ancients host a party in Bo's honor, but there's more to the story than meets the eye. Who's telling the truth in this potentially catastrophic tale remains uncertain, but the fact that we finally see Bo's father makes this a win of sorts. Two have gone down; will either survive? 


Episode 94 Lost Girl S05E07 Here Comes The Night

Zeus rains down destruction on the city, and now Bo and the crew must learn why and try to stop him from doing further damage. We learn The Ancients are actually the Greek gods and goddesses we learned about in school, but the question remains as to how Bo fits into the grand scheme of things. And while we could see it coming, watching Bo break Tamsin's heart reminded us of Hale's death scene with Kenzi kneeling over his dead body.


Episode 93 Lost Girl S05E06 Clear Eyes; Fae Heart

Bo and Tamsin go undercover as a cheerleader and cheerleading coach to investigate the mysterious death of a top football player. When the quarterback turns out to be a descendant of Hercules, the questions mount, and though Mark's relationship with Dyson seems to be improving, no one other than Bo understands the coming storm. Season 2 Teaser


Episode 92 Lost Girl S05E05 It’s Your Lucky Fae

The fae cult story arc moves forward as three oracles, including Bo's acquaintance Cassie, gouge out their own eyes apparently influenced by the mysterious Heratio55. A lucky cat given to Bo as a birthday gift by Tamsin and Lauren proves to be anything but, and Dyson's son continues down a path that will ultimately bring an ass kicking at the hands of his dad.


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