Episode 91 Lost Girl S05E04 When God Opens a Window

We've spent so much time speculating about Bo's origin story that no one saw that the young stranger Mark would turn out to be Dyson's son. Three story lines appear in this episode, each of which has explosive potential. How long will Evony remain human? Are the ritual murders related to Hades? Will Dyson find out that Bo might not make a good big sister after all?


Episode 90 Lost Girl S05E03 Big in Japan

As  Lauren tries to become physically stronger now that she's a target, Bo suffers an unexplained weakness and total loss of her sex drive. She's stated her reluctance at being named the Chosen One, but this episode provides a nice parallel as Japanese fae family comes to blows over who's to ascend as the Exalted One. Some nice interaction between Dyson and Tamsin and Tamsin and Lauren.


Episode 89 Lost Girl S05E02 Like Hell Part 2

While Bo knew her father tended toward the dark side, we were all surprised and somewhat shocked to find out she's the daughter of the god of the Underworld, Hades. Her step-mother Persephone helps Bo escape, but the events that transpire above ground upon her return, prove to be the most heart wrenching of all. 


Episode 88 Lost Girl S05E01 Like Hell Part 1

Before Bo can rescue Kenzi from Valhalla, she must first obtain the second Hel shoe by demonstrating her rock climbing and rapid healing skills. But the episode is really about the choices facing the characters. Does Kenzi want to remain in Valhalla and marry Hale or return to the living and her former life with the gang at the Dal? Does Tamsin reject her Valkyrie sisters or join forces with her Light Fae friends? And what of Bo and her father?


Lost Girl Roundtable

As we eagerly await Season 5, the last for Lost Girl, members of three Lost Girl podcasts join to dissect Season 4 and predict what the series' final season will hold. Dave chats with Stephanie and Annie from Drinks at the Dal, Kevin Bachelder from The Fae Files and Tuning In To Scifi TV, and Jessica from Those Who Wander about if and when Kenzi will return, who Bo will choose to be with, and whether or not a movie would be a good idea.


Episode 87 Dark Angel S01E12 Art Attack

A mix up with two Jam Pony deliveries nearly gets Normal definistrated, while Max attends Logan's cousin's wedding as his date. Do we detect hints of jealousy from Max when one of Logan's ex-girlfriends hits on him at the wedding?


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