Episode 84 Dark Angel S01E09 Blah, Blah. Woof, Woof

Lydecker steps up the pressure on Max by offering a $50,000 reward, and it takes Logan and Zach working together to extricate her from his pincers. Shippers certainly receive something to talk about in this episode, but it's the dream sequence that leaves most viewers scratching their heads as they attempt to make sense of what they've just seen. Marvel Phase 3: Read it here.


Episode 83 Dark Angel S01E08 Cold Comfort

We learn that Max's seizures aren't the only issues facing the kids from X-5 group at Manticore. Brin, one of the 12 that escaped ten years ago, calls Zach because she's afraid Lydecker's on to her, but her physical problems may be even worse. Like the viewers, Zach's curious about the relationship between Max and Logan. USPS Batman stamps


Episode 82 Dark Angel S01E07 Prodigy

In her search find help with her seizures, Max attends a genetic engineering conference. Since the study's focal point is a young boy, she is keenly interested, but comes face to face with her worst nightmare. Donald Lydecker. Meanwhile, Logan struggles with the fact that he's wheelchair bound.


Episode 81 Dark Angel S01E06 411 on the DL

Max finally gets a break and is reunited with Zach, but it doesn't take long to see that they've taken radically different approaches to life after Project Manitcore. Does Max exhibit a little jealousy when Logan's ex-wife comes back into his life?


Episode 80 Dark Angel S01E05 C.R.E.A.M.

Sketch gets himself into trouble with the Russian mob, and it's up to Max and Original Cindy to bail him out. More of Max's abilities surface, while Logan works behind the scenes to help a daughter find information about the father who mysteriously disappeared years earlier.


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