Episode 79 Dark Angel S01E04 Flushed

We discuss the episode in which Max's design flaws render her temporarily helpless as she depends on Logan and some unexpected support to once again evade Leideger's reach. Have we seen the last of Walter's scheming ways?


Episode 78 Dark Angel S01E03 Heat

Logan continues his quest to purge the criminal scum from Seattle and helps Max get one step closer to reuniting with other kids from Project Manticore. Will the quest to find her mother be next for Max.  A TV Guide info-graphic details the deaths of Supernatural's Sam and Dean. Check it out here.


Episode 77 Dark Angel S01E01-02 Pilot

Dave and Wayne begin their Dark Angel podcast discussing James Cameron's 2000 cyberpunk thriller starring Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly. Wayne gives some insight into The Leftovers and Falling Skies while Dave covers Extant's double episode.


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